Tokyo Quad Summit: Differences on Ukraine, Unity on China - An Indian Perspective

Situation assessment as on 30/05/2022 | Price: Rs 900/-

The fourth Quad summit at Tokyo saw differences on the war in Europe but unanimity in their response to China’s belligerence. Explaining the differences, the study mentions this dichotomy is reflected in joint statements. The study analyses the INDO-PACIFIC ECONOMIC FRAMEWORK (IPEF) that complements the ‘Quad Plus’ process; that countering China requires deep multilateral trade tries; that IPEF recognises the salience of the emerging region;  the objective to counter China’s BRI has high stakes in India. In its ANALYSES OF THE QUAD, the study explains the two core messages; that Quad is now more cohesive,  despite  challenges; although as of now, Quad’s formal agenda is modest; discusses different perceptions in dealing with China; that deeper technological partnerships present opportunity for India; the efficacy of the Quad to help India counter China; a view that Quad lays out the next steps to constrain Chinese misconduct; areas of direct interest to India and key takeaways; and an official view on the relevance of Quad.

Situation assessment for the week ended 30 May, 2022  (6,257 words)

Price: Rs 900/-

Date of SS: 30 May, 2022