Army: Army's Western Command Holds Exercise Gagan Strike


Army: Army's Western Command Holds Exercise Gagan Strike

The Kharga Corps, under the aegis of Western Command of the Indian Army, successfully completed Exercise Gagan Strike - II, a three-day joint exercise, at multiple locations in Punjab to refine processes and validate the employment of attack helicopters in support of mechanized operations in developed terrain.

Lt Gen Manoj Kumar Katiyar, the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Western Command, and the General Officer Commanding of the Kharga Corps, complimented all ranks of the Kharga Corps, Indian Air Force, and Army Aviation for their professional excellence and synergy of effort in conducting integrated operations.

The exercise, incorporating Apache gunships and Advanced Light Helicopters with Weapon Systems Integrated, Unarmed Aerial Vehicles, and Special Forces of the Indian Army, was aimed at validating and exercising various force multipliers in support of ground offensive by Strike Corps along with live firing by helicopters as demanded by mechanized forces during offensive maneuvers.

The exercise showcased high levels of synergy and jointmanship among the two services. The focus was on practicing centralized and decentralized Attack Helicopter missions duly supported by other force multipliers in a dense Air Defence environment and engaging planned and impromptu targets on the battlefield, an Indian Army statement said on May 7.

Ground force commanders employed aerial assets, including drones, to enhance situational awareness and destroy mobile and static targets. The exercise enabled formations and units of Western Command to execute joint operations, seamlessly integrating all ground and aerial assets to achieve objectives.

(Courtesy: Defence.Capital)

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